BELIEVE: A Benefit Concert for the Dup15q Alliance

At the start of every session students are introduced to the charitable mission of Plugged In. The youth are encouraged to present a charity that they feel deserves to be recognized for the special work they do. The Plugged In community then votes on these charities. The winner becomes the focus of each session’s Benefit Concert.

This session the Plugged In community presented many worthy charities and thanks to an amazing, passionate pitch and a close connection to the youth this sessions concert benefited the Dup15q Alliance and raised $10,000 for the organization!

The Dup15q Alliance seeks to unite families, researchers, and professionals; and promote research, awareness, and understanding of chromosome 15q duplication syndrome and related disorders. Dup15q, or chromosome 15q duplication syndrome, is a syndrome that results from the duplication of a portion of a person’s 15th chromosome. People with dup15q can have a range of neurological, physical and developmental problems including cognitive disabilities, seizure disorders, speech / language disorders, sensory processing disorders, attention deficit and anxiety disorders and behavior challenges. Additionally, individuals with dup15q are often affected by developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders. Although there is no cure for dup15q one can find a supportive, nurturing community thanks to the work of the Dup15q Alliance.

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