Musically Minded: A Benefit for Brain Tumor Research

At the start of every session students are introduced to the charitable mission of Plugged In. The youth are encouraged to present a charity that they feel deserves to be recognized for the special work they do. The Plugged In community then votes on these charities. The winner becomes the focus of each session’s Benefit Concert. As always, Plugged In students presented many worthy charities. The youth in our Spring 2012 session chose a very important cause with a personal connection. The Spring 2012 session concert benefited a special research study at Mass General Hospital. This study aims to improve the care and treatment of individuals with brain tumors using advanced MRI techniques.

The treatment of brain tumors is a complex process of management, treatment and observation. To ensure a treatment plan is working MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans are often used to evaluate a patient’s progress. However, after some types of treatment common MRI scans can give inaccurate or even false readings. Information gathered through these scans plays an important role in a patient’s treatment experience so the scan’s accuracy is vital. The study Plugged In is supporting is developing a system to accurately scan brain tumors post treatment. With more reliable information treatment can be gauged more effectively. Once developed the doctors behind the study hope that it will improve overall care and quality of life for those dealing with an already devastating disease.

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